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The Shaman Queen of Yamatai

Quick note: My Japanese is not very good and my written Japanese is even worse and so please forgive any mistakes made in spelling and meanings of various names. Japan has an ancient history which is intimately connected with the time when gods inhabited the Earth. The line of Emperors to this day is considered […]

The Republic of Ezo: Japanese Separatism or Expansionism?

Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido is different to the rest of Japan in many ways. The first thing that one notices is the amount of space available. The capital city of Sapporo is a place of wide streets and houses of a decent size, rather than the cramped apartments of other major cities in Japan. Hokkaido […]

The Devil Worshiper who followed a Saint

The Hundred Years war between England and France produced countless heroes on both sides and its battles have become part of our national psyche. It is still common today for the English to gloat about their great victory of Agincourt or the exploits of the Black Prince. The Patron Saint of France was one of […]

Ota Benga: The African Mbuti man displayed in the Bronx Zoo

Figure 1  Ota Benga  at the Bronx Zoo, 1906 On September 8th 1906, there were queues at the Bronx Zoo in New York to see the new exhibit in the monkey house.  Here was to be displayed, within the cage and with the apes, a living cannibal surrounded by scatterings of bones.  His teeth were […]