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The Cippi of Melqart and Heracles

The Cippi of Melqart are a pair of ornamental pillars with engravings found by the Knights of St. John on the Island of Malta in the village of Marsaxlloc, they are considered to be from the 2nd century BCE. It is in this village that the Phoenicians reputedly landed in the 9th CE BC and […]

Brunanburh: The Battle that Created England

In Britain one of the first things we learn in history lessons is the Norman conquest of England in 1066. This was when Saxon rule was overthrown by Duke William of Normandy at the Battle of Hastings. It is from this point that our lessons on the history of England truly begin. A number of […]

1672: The Year the Dutch Ate Their Prime Minister

On Wednesday 1st of April Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands abdicated the throne in favour of her son. This event made the news all over the world. In modern Europe monarchies are no longer the norm. The Dutch monarchy was a relative late-comer to the history of European kingdoms, being established during the Napoleonic wars. […]

Skirmishes in Tripoli

In the Northern Lebanese city of Tripoli there is what may, in the scale of conflicts ranging from world wars to skirmishes, be considered a relatively small conflict. This conflict however has the obvious connotations of a conflict which increases in size exponentially as you delve deeper into history and look at a greater context. […]

The Report of Wenamun

The report of Wenamun has been famously been argued to be a work of historical fiction. Wenamun as a priest of Amun Ra and an Egyptian trader had a historically bad journey to the city of Byblos in around the 11 BCE under the pharaoh Ramesses XI. Wenamun was on his way to the city […]